Select Item Price Increase

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We wanted to let our customers know, one of our main vendors – Syndicate Sales, will be raising their prices on select items in March of this year. When those prices increase, we will have to do the same but only enough so that it matches in relativity.

Here is the announcement from Syndicate:


“Below is a notice confirming Syndicate Sales’ plans for a price increase on select items effective in early March, 2018.    More information will be forthcoming, but I wanted to let you know now, and will update you with complete details when the entire price revision summary is finalized.”

In spite of the continued rising cost of raw materials, transportation related expenses, and health care, we have managed to hold the line on price increases for over 18 months now.  However, as these costs continue to escalate, it is now imperative we implement a price increase effective in early March 2018.

 As it stands today, our price increase will impact the following products and services: 

  • All shipments under 150 cases and routed on our regularly scheduled route trucks will be assessed a $50 drop charge.
  • Select glass items will increase 6% 
  • Aquafoam and Aquaforms will increase 3%
  • Select import items will increase 5%

Please begin advising your customers of this impending price increase.  Details will follow within the next two weeks.